youre a slick little girl


"i used to like losing myself in things, until i got lost in you and never came home"

(via daddyfuckedme)

It is the kind of day where you watch a Lars Von Trier movie, lick the sun off your shoulders and eat a Cadbury egg, very slowly

my heart is a deep well

made of teeth

and sulfuric acid

a vacuum that will devour

a void of dismemberment 

a horror show.

my heart will take

and chew and spit

and weep black bile 

into the cavity of my soul

and I will never be anything

besides a vessel 

charming and seductive

for that vulgar heart.

I am a little girl 

with no real light

but a florescent glow

cast purely by a radiation

cancer causing and intoxicating 

drawing them in like moths

spitting meningitis in their faces.